A Music Salon gives each listener the highest value experience possible. It presents Artists and Public with the greatest degree of comfort and contact, while preserving the integrity and quality of the music. It perfectly suits all styles of chamber music, from Baroque and Classical through Jazz and Country right up to Contemporary works and Improvisation. No wonder, then, that personalities like Beethoven, Schubert, Liszt, Chopin, and Brahms all composed the majority of their works for Salon concerts.

Our mission is to improve cultural life in downtown Nuremberg by offering the highest level of acoustic music performances. We support chamber music in a variety of styles, offering a more personal experience through our unique concert format, which equally benefits the public, the musicians, and the music itself.

Please consider supporting our efforts through the International Salon Project, our parent organization. This Website offers further information about who we are, links to our schedule of live performances, and details outlining current fundraising efforts. Every donation, every contact, every listener makes a difference. Help us bring a more personal concert experience into the world.