Exclusive, but personal.

Perfected in the 19th century, the Salon offers a unique, intimate performance setting with timeless appeal and relevance. Here, every seat puts you closer than the front row of a concert hall.

The Nuremberg Salon Project’s events are more than just live performances – they are artistic and social exchanges. By recreating a forum that was once reserved for society’s elite, we provide a musical, literary and intellectual gathering place that is at once exclusive and personal.

Music is about communication. It is a language that surpasses boundaries and wants to be personal. At the Nuremberg Salon, we care about human contact. Concerts are flexible and inviting. Instead of clapping while the soloist walks off stage, you get to shake his or her hand. Our artists don’t just play – they speak as well. For those who prefer breaks, there are drinks and there is conversation. For those who want to hear more, musicians will give their own introductions to pieces, and answer questions.

Join us for the acoustic experience. Join us for music, as it was meant to be performed and heard. Join us for international talent and a plethora of styles. Join us for something personal, unforgettable, and real.

The Nuremberg Salon Project wants to share the high-quality live experience of chamber music with a broad public, regardless of musical style or time period. Through the classic Salon format of our concerts, as well as a variety of outreach projects and events, we hope to promote the cultural welfare of Nuremberg’s downtown area.